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Formerly known as Valley Zorbs

Valley Zorbs


Due to COVID-19 we are taking extra precautions in cleaning/sanitation of the equipment.   

Make sure you book your dates! Cancellations due to COVID-19 will not be charged a cancellation fee. 

Bubble Ball And Archery Tag Rentals In The Pembina Valley
One-of-a-kind game experiences for your next party or event! 

Birthday Parties

Bachelor/ette Parties

Team Building

Sport Windups

Youth Groups


What is Bubble Ball?

Each player is enveloped inside a giant inflatable bubble. This makes soccer even more entertaining, especially when you are trying to score by bouncing, rolling, bumping, flipping over and crashing into each other. With bubbles, soccer has just become a contact sport.
Bump or be bumped!
Coordinators/Referees Included
Fun & Safe for all ages
We Deliver & Setup Everything

What is Archery Tag

One of the world's fastest growing sports. It is Paintball meets dodge ball meets archery in a fast-paced game designed to get you moving and your adrenaline flowing. 100% safe and an activity that everyone can enjoy!
Seriously It Doesn't Hurt
That bad


Valley Amusements is your Go-To Entertainment in the Pembina Valley. We deliver the fun to a convenient location near you and take care of everything, from setup to game coordination, so YOU can just focus on having fun. We are extremely excited to be serving you HILARIOUS and ADRENALINE filled entertainment.

Ridiculously Fun Games Delivered to You

Assistance Finding a Location
Guaranteed Fun
No Deposits

Danny Harms and Abe Dyck run Valley Amusements part time while still working on their careers. They both grew up in Winkler looking for exciting ways to spend their time with friends and family. Their goal is to increase the entertainment in the Pembina Valley for all ages!

Bubble Ball in Winkler, Morden, Carman and Altona.


Every Participant of Valley Amusements must have a waiver signed to play. This Waiver covers all activities that Valley Amusements is a part of.

Waiver must be signed every time you attend an event. Anyone under the age of 18 must get a parent/guardian to sign.

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