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Rental Rules & Information

Archery Tag - How It Works
Bubble Ball - How It Works
Rental consists of the selected amount of bubble balls chosen, game equipment (soccer ball & nets) and an official/referee which is all provided by Valley Amusements. 
Rental consists of the selected amount of Bows chosen, game equipment (masks, arrows, bunkers) and an official/referee which is all provided by Valley Amusements. 
Arrow Tag & Bubble Soccer
Archery Tag is a mixture of dodge-ball and paintball. You use your bow & foam-tipped arrow to shoot opposing players. Dodge incoming arows, let your arrows fly, and take out your opponents!
Bubble Ball is a mix of bumper cars, sumo, and ridiculousness. Players are protected by a giant bubble that covers you from your thighs to above your head. You can get knocked down and flip over without feeling a thing! 
Pick a day and a location and we'll be there. All you gotta do is show up!
We Deliver & Setup Everything
Coordinators/Referees Included
Fun & Safe for all ages
Assistance Finding a Location
Guaranteed Fun
No Deposits
Interested in a Rental? 

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Where Can I Find You?
We have no physical location. We will come to you!
Do I Need To Provide A Location?
You do not. We recommend you choose a location but we can find you a location that is convenient for you. (Park, school, etc.)
Locations must be approved by Valley Amusements ahead of time. 
Bubble Balls Cannot Be Played Indoors
Archery Tag Can Be Played Indoors
What should I Bring?
Archery Tag Location
  • Wear athletic clothing and footwear.
  • You may bring your own protective mask for Archery Tag, it will just have to be approved by Valley Amusements
  • Bring water/refreshments to keep hydrated.
  • If you require any braces of any sort please use them and let us know. (We are an extreme sport... of sorts lol)
Is the Equipment Clean?
Yes, all equipment is disinfected before and after each event.  
How Do I Book An Event?
  • Take a look at our Rentals and Info Page
  • Have the information on hand for your event (Look below for the information we require)
  • Call or Email us with the information and we will book you in
Can I Wear My Glasses? (Bubble Ball & Archery Tag)
Wearing glasses is at your own risk and expense. 
Bubble Ball - We don't recommend wearing glasses because they will most likely fall off your face.  
Archery Tag - The Mask fits over top some glasses but not all. Small amount of pressure when wearing                          mask but nothing you can't handle. 
Can I bring my own bow and/or arrows?  
All our equipment is custom designed to work safely together. Therefore, only Valley Amusements equipment can be used.
Can you do a combination booking for Archery Tag and Bubble Ball?
Absolutely! We can do a combination booking matched to your requirements.
Are the Bows and Arrows hard to use?
Not at all, we use the same bows for left or right handed players and you get a chance to get used to the equipment with some (non-human!) target practice at the start of every rental.
Weather Policy
It’s our goal to provide a fun, safe, successful experience for you. We do rentals outdoors and unfortunately, we are not in control of the weather. We need to also keep our equipment in the best shape possible to continue to provide our services to the Pembina Valley.

Our weather policy is as follows:
It is not safe nor fun when the weather is 15°C / 59°F or below, windy and/or rainy. If the weather is poor, we will reach out to you several hours before your rental to discuss our options.
We do not take any deposits for rentals so if we decide to postpone/cancel, this comes at no cost to you. If we do come to your event with the chance of poor weather, we do require 20% of your total invoice. This fee will not be refunded and Valley Amusements can still cancel the event once they get their due to poor weather. This small fee covers our travel costs & time.
If weather becomes poor during your rental, Valley Amusements has the sole decision to stop play.
Here are how the Weather/Field Conditions Affect Bubble Ball/Archery Tag Play:
  • Light Wind – We are good to go
  • Heavy Wind – This can be problematic
  • Drizzle/Light Rain – We will evaluate to see if it is appropriate to play
  • Moderate/Heavy Rain – We will not play
  • We want grass/field to be dry
Valley Amusements does not do Bubble Ball rentals indoors
Archery Tag Rentals can be done indoors in a gym. Please reach out if you are interested in this. 

Please Have The Following Information Ready When Booking

Name & Phone Number
Time of Day
Location (if you have one)
Number of Participants
Ages of Participants
Waivers must be signed by each individual


Text us: 204.384.7853